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Herbs and Spices

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With so many exciting varieties of herbs and spices now available, cooking with them has never been so inspiring. This book gives an introduction into a selection of the many herbs and spices available and shows that by experimenting with recipes you can bring the fabulous tastes of world cuisine into your home- livening up your cooking, filling your home with deliciously inviting aromas and giving your taste buds a well-deserved change of scene!

herbs and spices not-only taste great, they're also low fat and provide a range of health benefits; ranging from aiding digestion and relieving nausea, to relieving the symptoms of respiratory illness and toothache.

Including hints and tips on storage and usage, and any associated medicinal benefits, the book is packed with delicious easy to follow recipes for all the family. Let the dishes tempt your taste buds to add some spice into your life.

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